The Committee for The Bethesda 2014 Reporting System for Cervical Cytology is happy to announce the forthcoming Bethesda 2014 Atlas to be Published in Late February/Early March 2015 and a new Bethesda Website to coincide with the publication.

We would also like to ask for your participation in the evaluation of approximately 85 images from the publication. At, as part of the Bethesda Interobservier Reproducibility Study (BIRST)

You will find instructions and entry into the new BIRST online questionnaire. We would like to have as many people as possible look at the images and choose from one of 12 diagnostic responses. We would prefer people perform this task in one sitting, but accommodations can be made to do the evaluation in multiple settings as long as the task is completed within a couple of weeks. It is important that once someone begins the exercise, they finish.

Older Browsers such as IE8 may have problems accessing all of the images.

Happy New Year...
Dan Kurtycz for the Bethesda 2014 Website Committee

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